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This is my website of creative art.  Spinning, weaving and knitting are my trade-in-hand.  I have many years of experience of 'making' from start to finish, and my webpages will show you a little of what I can do.   I take much of my inspiration from the landscape around me - the beautiful rolling Wolds of Yorkshire.  My paintings reflect the natural beauty of the smooth sculptured hills and coastline around, drawing from the colours of nature.  This is taken forward into the spun fibres, of yarns that I weave and knit into bespoke fabrics, that I make into one-off designs of cushions and throws.  Many of my fibres are dyed to specific colour schemes and often they are spun from the fleece of sheep that graze the hills of the Wolds.

A woven piece on the loom, dyed in the colours of The Wolds.  Fleece is from Wolds sheep,  spun and hand woven on an 8-shaft loom then made into cushions, and a throw. 

Two sheep made from the spun fibres, needle-felted and then hand knitted coats added.  They stand about 5cm and 10cm tall.

Two 'Wolds' cushions for an exhibition.

The Gladstone Bag.  Made from hand-woven wool, lined in glazed cotton, with two internal pockets.

Two baskets of hand-spun wool, some dyed, some natural colours.

If you would like to learn to spin using a spinning wheel or spindle, please go to my 'Spinning Lessons' page for details, then contact me by email on my 'Contact' page, to arrange a lesson or two.  Individual lessons given on a one-to-one basis, taken at your own pace.  A wheel is provided if needed.

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