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Fibre Art

Fibre-art covers many aspects of my craft, spinning fibres with a wheel and spindle, weaving on one of my three looms, making peg-loom rugs and seat pads, felt making and felt made pictures, needle felting, and inkle weaving. 

I knit with both knitting needles and knitting machines.  Crochet and Tunisian crochet are included, I sometimes write patterns and occasionally follow others written instructions. 

I have been machine knitting since 1985 and was awarded a City & Guilds certificate for this in 1994.  It is interesting to see how hand-spun yarns knit up on the machine, and to mix them with commercial yarns.  I prefer to use natural wool, the handle of this fibre surpasses all man-made fibres, it is a challenge to use as shrinkage is to be assessed with experimental work before making up a piece of either machine-knitted or loom woven fabric as shrinkage is to be taken into account before a piece is even started.

Some of my work is shown below.

Felt made picture and 'vessel'.
Stella is wearing a hand knitted 'surprise jacket' inspired by the designs of Elizabeth Zimmerman.
Machine knitted girl's 'jumper-dress'.
This baby matinee jacket is machine knitted in 4-ply acrylic yarn.
Machine knitted Christmas stockings
Detail of a machine knitted jacket in Fair Isle, made from Jacob's sheep wool. 
The 'Lincoln Imp', hand-blended and spun wool, hand-knitted.
'Waves' throw, Cashgora warp with pure wool weft, woven in an irregular undulating twill.
Teddy is hand-knitted from hand-spun pure wool, he stands 30cm tall.

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