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Spinning Lessons

Would you like to learn to spin?

I love to teach spinning to enthusiastic learners, on an individual basis, or to two people.  You don't need to have your own spinning wheel, I have easy wheels for you to learn on.  I have a variety of wheels for you to try, single and double treadle, double band drive and scotch tension and an electric wheel to help you  to decide which is for you.  I will provide fibres, prepared for your lesson and I will ensure you understand the basic principals of spinning, until you can handle a wheel on your own.  You will leave the lesson with your first skein of yarn, made by yourself.  If you already have a wheel, then you are welcome to bring it, I will assist you in setting it up to maximum performance and ensure it will work smoothly for you.  My fees are reasonable, I can offer you 2 1/2 hour lesson, or full day (5 hours), most weekdays and weekends are available.  Please contact me by email from the link on my 'contact' me page, we can arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

If you would like to learn to spin with a spindle, then we will look at the different spindles, how they work, and explore the essentials of learning this way with tuition, until you have grasped the technique.  Spindle spinning is not as fast as wheel spinning, but good results can be obtained from spinning this way.  I will provide a practice spindle for you, with prepared fibres too.  But, you may wish to bring your own spindle and fibres, the choice is yours.

Spun wool~IMG_0352.JPG

A basket of hand spun wool.

Topics I can teach:-  in a 'further steps' lesson include: carding, with hand-carders, drum-carders and combs.  Colour work and blending,  Spinning Alpaca and flax.  Spinning for a project.  Creating rollags, long-draw, fine spinning.  Andean plying and Navaho plying, 3-plying.   Spindle spinning.

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